Mike's Summer of Fun 2009

I haven't been updating the pictures on my website lately. I have been busy doing things, and posted pictures on my other websites. Here are some of the fun things I have done in August, September, October and November 2009. A lot of my activities have been clown related.

Sir Toony and Friends

Sir Toony and Friends from the Kapitol Klowns at the Labor Day Parade.

Sir Toony

Sir Toony at a balloon and face painting jam at Cici's Pizza

Mike working at Cox Farms

I worked the Cox Farms Fall Festival in Centreville and spent many days as the Cox Farms Superhero. My job was to save the day when the hayrides got stuck in the mud hole.

Missouri Solar Home

In October, I went into Washington DC to see the Solar Homes and have dinner with the Miner Alumni Association.


On the weekends, I got to be the troll on the troll bridge at Cox Farms. I made the hayrides play Trollman Says before passing under the bridge.

Vienna Halloween Parade

I marched in the Vienna Halloween Parade along with Pelukyta and his family, Wiggy and Moose.

Buzz Clownstrong

I dressed as Buzz Clownstrong and came in first place in the Adult Category for the South Riding Halloween Spooktacular.


It rained on Halloween, so I didn't get to put out as many decorations as past years. I also spent the night working at Cox Farms in their new Fields of Fear.

Pumpkin Madness

I got to help smash a few pumpkins at Cox Farms during their Pumpkin Madness Days after Halloween.

Kapitol Klowns

I joined the Kapitol Klowns for the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade


I saw my friend, Santa, in the Reston Holiday Parade