Cherry Blossom Festival Parade 2009

On Saturday, April 4th, 2009, I marched in the DC Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. Let me say that getting into the parade and then actually being to make it down the parade route were both more of a challenge than I could have expected. You can read my summary of the parade in my Blog entry, DC Cherry Blossom Festival Parade 2009

I was assigned to help with one of the Cherry Blossom helium balloons. At least, that is how the day began.

Cherry Blossom Balloon

One of the giant, pink, cherry blossom balloons before the parade began.


Mike holding the Cherry Blossom balloon. It was a cold morning.

Before the parade began, they had us walk to the start of the parade route and stand by the viewing stands. I never figured out if their intention was to keep the balloons there for the TV coverage or if they were just testing something. But, we got front row seats as the Sesame Street characters practices their number.

Sesame Street characters

Sesame Street characters practice before the parade

Alex Trebek

Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek was the grand marshal of the parade and rode by in one of the cars at the start of the parade.

Michaela Bench

My friend Michaela Bench


The kids from the UniStars riding their unicycles in the parade

Kena Klowns

Kena Klowns and their fire engine drive by in the parade.


My friend, TJ from the Kena Klowns