Mike's Dulles Emergency Exercise 2007

In March 2007, I responded to a request for volunteers to portray plane crash victims on Volunteer Match for the Washington Dulles International Airport Emergency Exercise 2007. Volunteer registration for the event was managed by the Loudoun County Chapter of the Red Cross.

Nearly 200 people participated as victims at Dulles Airport Saturday May 5th, 2007 as part of a mock emergency drill. With help from moulage (injury makeup) artists, the volunteer victims donned fake blood and other injuries to make the event seem more realistic. The accident scene had two airport buses that tipped over after crashing into an Airbus A-320 on a taxiway.

- Moulage - - Exercise Scene - - Ambulance -


I was asked to arrive at the airport at 6:45 am and dress in clothes that can get messy or distroyed. When I arrived at the airport, I was given a participant badge and an injury card. I was to play Jack Reins. My injuries included minor facial lacerations and facial swelling.

Mike Becvar

I told the moulage person that I wanted to look injured. She put two large wounds on my face.

Moulage Area

The volunteers were made to look like plane crash victims and waited for the exercise to begin.


Exercise Scene

The accident scene had two airport buses that tipped over after crashing into an Airbus A-320 on a taxiway. The participants waited off to the side of the taxiway until the fire had been extinguished.

Airport bus

One of the airport buses on its side with a dummy hanging out the window.


Before the accident scene began, the volunteers gathered along the side of the runway and were given last minute instructions.

Smoking wing

The scene began and smoke comes out of the wings of the plane.

burning plane

Smoke comes out of the body of the plane.

fire pit

They used a large fire pit to simulate the burning plane.

fire truck

One of the airport fire engines comes to put out the fire.

After the fire was extinguished, the volunteer crash victims walked out to the runway and took their positions.

Mike Becvar

I picked out a position on the ground next to the airplane.



Mike Becvar

I was taken by ambulance to Reston Hospital Center

There were five other victims on the ambulance with me.