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September 27, 2011

Award winning business

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When I talk to people about websites, one of the things I often mention is to make sure the dates are current. If you stop updating your website, suddenly, people see events, awards, and other news that was several years old. They will wonder if you are still in business.

 Well, when I was eating out at a local chain, I noticed the walls were plastered with articles and signs telling of their many awards for best food in various cities. But, after looking around, I noticed that most of the awards were at least 3 years ago. It made me wonder, had they decided to stop putting up the newest awards or had they stopped winning the awards?

I know a bit of the history of the chain. It is about 10 years old and started in the DC area. Years ago, I would hear my friends talk about the chain several times each month. I know they have grown and expanded to other parts of the country, but the local buzz seems to have died down. Either growth has caused them to loose some of whatever it was that made them special or they are no longer the great new place that everyone just discovered. The food is OK, but I know why I never made it a regular place to stop.

But it made me think about the restaurants that have walls plastered with pictures of famous people who at there. Any place open long enough could eventually fill a wall of fame. But places change, staff comes and goes, maybe the awards and pictures do need to be reset each year. Just because a business was voted the best value or any other award last year doesn’t mean they are still the best value today. You can’t rely on the past, you need to be the best each and every day. And being the best actually means you need to get better all of the time.

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