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November 23, 2011

Changing a lightbulb

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One of my least favorite tasks is changing light bulbs. I don’t know what it is that makes it seem like such a chore. I can usually notice the difference in lighting level when just one bulb in a set of two or more bulbs burns out.

I guess you can call me cheap. When a bulb burns out, I only change the one bulb that burned out and not the other bulbs in the fixture. I guess I should know better because bulbs should have a relatively even life. As a result, I may be saving a few cents by not throwing away a working bulb, but I am setting myself up for having to go back in the near future.

Currently, I have three bulbs out in the master bathroom. I had to make a special trip to the hardware store to get replacements. For some unknown reason, I didn’t run to replace the bulbs as soon as I got the replacements.

Today, I noticed I had a burned out headlight. I think it is the third time that headlight has gone out. Since I am doing a fair amount of driving before sunrise and after sunset, I made it a priority to change the bulb. I ran over to an automotive store during lunch and changed the bulb right away… Now, I have a replacement for the other headlight, but decided not to change it just yet. Changing the headlights isn’t too hard, but due to their placement, I can’t see in very well, so it is more a thing that I need to feel. I have done it enough times that I knew how to get the old bulb out, but it still took me 10 minutes to figure how to get the new bulb ligned up properly.

November 7, 2011

At the beep… the time might be…

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Daylight Savings Time has ended for the year. It is now Standard Time. But with the change, comes the time when all of the clocks need to be adjusted. Some are easier than others, but getting them to all gree on the time is almost impossible. Some clocks are set by computer networks, others are set manually. A few are forgotten.

There was an article in the Washington Post last week about community clocks, those big clocks on sides of public buildings. I can’t say I notice too many on my daily commute. The article made an interesting comment about how their ability to keep time makes a statement about the community. I used to laugh whenever I passed a bank with a clock or temperature listing that was clearly wrong. I don’t think I ever made a decision about the quality of the business based on the functionality of its clocks. I guess that if I can’t set the clocks in my own house, I shouldn’t have a problem if others have the same problems with their clocks.

Personally, I don’t think we need the sun to rise before 7:00am. I would be happy with a few more weeks of Daylight Savings Time as that would also mean a few more weeks where I can get home from work before the sun sets.

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