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August 25, 2011

Video Menu Boards

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I think I noticed it first at McDonalds, the video menu board. They don’t have it for everything, just their specialty drinks (coffee, shakes, etc.) It is a new use of technology. These boards don’t just have a static display, they are animated or cycle through different drinks.

One of the movie theaters replaced all of their traditional menu board/price list with a video display. But, I think they have gone overboard. Not because they have replaced all of their menu with a video display but because they are animating it too much. I was checking out the offerings when suddenly, the entire menu board changed to a picture of pizza. OK, yes they have pizza, but I was trying to read the menu and now it is gone. It eventually comes back and I have to find where I was looking. I check out the prices and decide what I want (or can afford) when it again changes, this time it all becomes a giant Coke ad. Once again, none of the menu/price board is visible.

If they were smart, they would NOT animate the entire display at one time and maintain at least some of the menu/prices. Just because you can animate the menu board does NOT mean it is appropriate to do.

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