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July 20, 2011

When Pull Means Push…

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I walk through hundreds of doors every day. Some are open and others I have to open. I find glass doors to be the biggest challenge. It is not always clear if they will open in or out. And as much as they may think that putting a small sign on the door the reads, “Pull” doesn’t always help. With glass doors, I can see through the door and read the letters “Pull” written on the other side of the door. OK, the text is backwards, but with only four letters, it is clear what it says. Unfortunately, that text isn’t for me, it is for people on the other side of the door. I don’t know why, but they seem to never put the opposite, “Push” on the push side of the door. If they¬†would use an opaque backing, I wouldn’t have a problem. But, as long as my brain reads the word, “Pull,” I will automatically think that I need to pull to open a door.

July 13, 2011

Trash cans at fast food places

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I have always seem to notice the signs at fast food places reminding guests not to throw out the trays or other reusable items. Recently, I have noticed a trend to make it impossible to throw the tray into the trash. Fast food places are switching for the wide open lids or doors to a small circular hole in the top of the trash can. The hole is smaller than the tray, but this in my opinion makes it harder to throw the trash away.

Usually, a fast food place has a paper tray liner on the tray. If the tray can’t fit into the trash can, the tray liner won’t fit either unless it is folded. You can’t just walk up and tip the tray over any more. Now you have to throw each item away and push it into the trash. Personally, I think this is harder and dirtier than before. I have seen many places upgrade their trash cans, but wish they would go back to the old methods.

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