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September 28, 2010

Lost Socks

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It happens to everyone… finish a load of laundry and find an uneven number of socks. A long time ago, I decided the best solution was to toss the extra sock(s) back in the laundry basket and assume it will find its mate the next time I do laundry.

Sometimes, the missing sock is found quickly on the steps between the basement and my bedroom. Other times, it is found in the washing machine or dryer. Sometimes, it finds its mate in the laundry basket. I don’t recall the last time that things didn’t work out by the next load of laundry.

This past weekend, I was missing one sock. I didn’t see it in the laundry basket, stairs, or in the washing machine. This morning, it jumped out of the leg of my pants as I went to put them on. Thus prooving that in the end, the lost sock does return.

September 8, 2010

Coins, coins, and more coins.

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I start most days by putting a few quarters, nickles, dimes, and pennies in my pocket. But, more often that not, I end the day by taking out more coins than I started with. Even though I have the coins in my pocket, I rarely use them unless the price is only a few cents more than an even dollar. If I am paying for something small with a $10 or $20 bill, I will only give coins if it means getting back a $5 or $10 bill instead of a pile of $1 bills.

The coins join a pile on my dresser. When that pile overflows too much, I will sort the coins and move them to counting containers on my nightstand. Once all of the containers are overflowing and surrounded by even more coins, I will find the time to count and roll the coins.

Last night, I emptied some of the coins from my tip jar and sorted/counted/wrapped some of the coins I had collected during the past few weeks or months. I think I had $40 worth of quarters, $10 worth of dimes, and a few dollars in nickles and pennies.

I don’t remember that last time I actually turned in or otherwise spent the money once rolled. They just get added to the pile. I keep thinking that some day, I will find a good cause collecting coins or something. I should note, that I sort out the nice and shiny pennies and drop them into glass ball jars. I have come close to filling my third jar.

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