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June 23, 2010

World of Harry Potter

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I don’t consider myself to be a Harry Potter expert, but I have listened to all of the books on Audio CD and seen all of the movies. The other week, when I needed to go to Charlottesville, VA, I brought Book 6 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince along for the ride. I know that it is almost impossible to write a series of books like the Harry Potter series without a few inconsistencies or loose ends.


June 21, 2010

What’s in a name?

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A friend put a status update on facebook saying that for one week he would change his last name on facebook to the last name of the first person to like his status update. I know that it is all in fun, but I think a name isn’t something to just give away or change so casually.


June 10, 2010

Google ruins a good thing

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Google is practically my home page. I spend so much time using Google as a starting point for finding other websites. So, I was a bit surprised/annoyed this morning when I saw that Google had added a full page background image to their website. The only way I could find to remove the image was to log into google and set the background back to white.


June 3, 2010

Driving with a GPS

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I resisted the desire to get a GPS for years. I had always been able to use Google Maps to get directions and didn’t see the value of spending money on a “toy”. Well, I have been doing more driving getting to clown, balloon, and face painting events that I felt it would be a good investment. I also started a new job and didn’t like getting stuck in traffic. I thought it might help me find alternate routes home.

One of the reasons I didn’t want a GPS was because I didn’t want an additional service fee. I knew that the basic GPS didn’t require a service fee, but the extras, like updated maps, would. I am still trying to get my first, free map update for my GPS.

I haven’t had any real need for the GPS yet. I know how to get home, work, church, and the store, but figured I would get used to the GPS and how it works. The one thing that catches me off guard is driving along for twenty minutes in silence when it suddenly announces an upcoming turn. I also don’t know my distances in yards. Sometimes, it prepares me for an upcoming turn when there are opportunities to turn before that point. I guess it will take a little time to adjust.

I don’t think I need it for most of my daily driving. It is really for the last few miles of any local trip. Only time will tell how much use I get out of it.

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