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December 23, 2008

New Burger at McDonalds

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I found out the hard way that McDonalds has a new burger on their Dollar Menu. A long time ago, I realized I could save money by buying off the Dollar Menu. I normally get two Double Cheeseburgers with no cheese. It is a quick and inexpensive meal for the car.


December 22, 2008

Almost Christmas

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It is almost Christmas. It has definitely cold enough to feel like Christmas, but unless something changes in the forecast, it won’t be a white Christmas this year.

I set my goals fairly low this year. I knew how much effort it has taken in the past to send out Christmas cards and that I wouldn’t have big plans for Christmas day that required me to put up a tree. So, I guess I accomplished my goals.

I did two Christmas events as a clown (the Candlelighters Christmas Party and the Fantasy Flight at Dulles Airport.) I wanted to have a Christmas look for my clown, Sir Toony Van Dukes. Back around Thanksgiving, I purchased some Christmas fabric that I liked and hoped to be able to sew a few clown accessories. Considering how much fabric I purchased, I have enough for a full Christmas themed outfit instead of the few accessories. Maybe I will have time to make something for next year or make a few more accessories to sell/trade/give away to other clowns.

My parents came to visit the weekend before my Birthday for an early Christmas. That put the rush on buying gifts and having everything ready for their visit. Since their visit was early I knew that I wouldn’t have time for the tree and had decided not to bother this year.

The one surprise to my plans came when I got an email from one of the YFU hosts families. They were looking for homes for two exchange students in the area. I offered to host one of the students for two weeks over the holidays. The timing worked out great since I will go on vacation in January. Now, I feel like I should have made time to put up the Christmas tree. I may still try one night this week, even if it is up only a few days.

There are a few Christmas cards that I would like to send out. I know that they won’t arrive before Christmas unless I am really lucky. But, it is the thought that counts. Since I am not going to send out the pile of cards, I hope to have a holiday email for my family and friends.

December 10, 2008

Problems at the Register

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As I believe I have mentioned before, I try to pay attention to what I am charged when I go shopping. Most issues come up at fast food places that seem to mysteriously overcharge, but it can happen anywhere. Here are three recent incidents I have experienced…


December 9, 2008

Ready for Christmas?

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Christmas is a little more than two weeks away. Are you ready? I’m not. I got a good start on Black Friday, but my progress has slowed.


December 4, 2008

Mike’s Winter Forecast

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OK, I am not a weatherman and I don’t play one on TV. So, I have nothing to offer as reason why anyone should think that my predictions for the winter season should be correct. But, hey, the professionals don’t seem to have a good track record either.


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