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March 28, 2008

Comment Spam

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I don’t know why the Internet is filled with so much SPAM. Maybe there is that one person who is going to be fooled into refinancing his home with a company that can’t event spell mortgage or buy pills from a shady company. I am not one of those people. I don’t know if I have many readers of this blog, but I do know that there are some spammers who think they can leave their comments with links to their website.

Thankfully, the comments are moderated and don’t appear on my blog. I have filters set to eliminate any comment with multiple links or with commonly used spam words. The latest round of blacklisted terms were all casino related.

Maybe, I will miss one or two legit comments, but any real person who wants to leave me a comment will know how to reach me.

March 16, 2008

John Adams Miniseries

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The John Adams miniseries begins today on HBO. In March 2007, I spent two days on the set of the HBO miniseries John Adams. I played a member of the uniformed militia both days. On the first day, I was a member of the honor guard for a scene that took place in Philadelphia shortly after the signing of the declaration of independence. The second day, I was a soldier camped in Cambridge, Massachusetts on a cold winter day.


March 9, 2008

Day Light Savings Time

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Did you set all of your clocks? I am sure I missed one or two. It seems like there are clocks everywhere. There are the standard places like watches and the alarm clock next to the bed. Then there are all of the kitchen appliances, the TVs, computers, and car radio. I think I missed the clock on the answering machine and the timers that control the lights in the living room. I might have missed one or two wall clocks.


March 8, 2008

St. Baldrick’s 2008

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Have you heard the buzz? 

Next weekend, I will participate in a local St. Baldrick’s event for the fifth consecutive year. Visit my donation page.

St. Baldrick’s is a whimsical twist on St. Patrick’s Day - when brave volunteers agreed to shave their heads bald to raise funds for childhood cancer research.  St Baldrick’s is an annual charity event that began with the goal of raising “17,000 of the 17th of March” (St. Patrick’s Day) in 2000. To join in the fun and learn more about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, visit http://www.StBaldricks.org/ or call 888-889-BALD. Thank you for helping us Shave the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!


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