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November 28, 2007

Moving Websites to a New Host

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You may not have noticed, but I moved my websites to a new hosting provider.  I have been on the internet since starting college in 1991. I created my first personal web page in the early 1990s. As a grad student, I created a website for the Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory. After graduating college, I created a personal website on my Internet Service Provider’s website.  About four years ago, I registered my own domain and built a new personal website.


November 20, 2007

Cold Offices

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Tis the season to be cold. My office is cold. I don’t mean that it is cold today; it is cold just about every day. When I first started, several people warned me that the office gets cold in the winter. They suggested I keep a blanket or sweatshirt in my cubicle where it would be available when it is cold. Even in the summer, I found it a little cold in the office and put on my pullover fleece jacket.  


November 15, 2007

Chance Encounters

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This past weekend, I ran into a former co-worker at one of the area malls. I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often. I know hundreds of people in the area and I am always on the run to one place or another. I would think that I should run into someone I know while shopping, enjoying a trip to the movies, going out to dinner at least once a month. Either, I am not paying close attention to my surroundings or I have had many near misses.


November 13, 2007

South Riding Volunteers

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South Riding, Virginia is lucky to have hundreds of residents who volunteer their time for the community. On Friday, November 9th, the South Riding Proprietary hosted its annual Volunteer Reception for all of the volunteers who served as a member of one of the committees or volunteered for one of the many community events.


November 9, 2007

Spider-Man at Wal-Mart

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On Saturday, November 3, 2007, Spider-Man made special appearances at more than 750 Wal-Mart stores around the United States. The event was a joint venture between Sony Pictures, Marvel Entertainment and Wal-Mart and was timed for the release of Spider-Man 3 on DVD. I had the opportunity to portray Spider-Man at my local Wal-Mart. I enjoy getting into character for Halloween and have had the chance to dress in costume for the South Riding Halloween Spooktacular. I have also volunteered as Santa’s Helper for photos with Santa, but this was my first time working an in-store promotion. I had a good experience and would not mind doing it again.

I found out about the opportunity to portray Spider-Man in July when I was checking out the gigs posted on Craigslist. On July 25th, 2007 I responded to a post on Craigslist titled “SPIDER-MAN ACTORS NEEDED!!” One of the people with Marvel Characters Appearance Program responded to my email and asked me to call them to discuss the opportunity.


November 7, 2007

Christmas already?

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I still have some of my Halloween decorations up in my house.  I have taken most of the decorations down and hope the get the last few this weekend. But for me, it is too early to begin thinking about Christmas.

I was out walking my dog, Buddy, Monday evening. It was cold outside and starting to rain. One of my foreign exchange students, Sulaiman, was walking with us. We were walking around one of the blocks and at the end of the block, I noticed a house with lights on the bushes. I said, “Please tell me those are not Christmas lights.” The home had several strands of multi-color Christmas lights on the bushes directly in front of the house. I soon noticed that the neighboring house also had Christmas lights on a few bushes. Sulaiman thought it looked “cool.”


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