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March 23, 2011

St Baldrick’s 2011

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It time for St. Baldrick’s once again. Wow, another year gone by. I participated in my first St. Baldrick’s event in March 2004. This will be my 8th year participating in local St. Baldrick’s events. To help kids fighting cancer, I’m a volunteer my services as a balloon twister and face painter at locals St. Baldrick’s events.
St. Baldrick’s Foundation


December 15, 2009

One busy week

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I feel like I have been on a series of missions since last week. I had several Christmas/clown events coming up and I needed to get ready.


November 11, 2009

Cox Farms….

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Well, the fall festival is officially over. This was my second year working at Cox Farms and the season seemed to fly by so quickly. Sunday was the last day of their Fall Festival and today was the employee debrief session.


October 4, 2009


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Wow, it is October already. I don’t know where the year has gone.

I know that I haven’t been posting much lately. I wish I could say that it was because I was too busy at work, but the truth is that I am still looking for my next job.

Last fall, I took a part time job at Cox Farms as a hayride actor. It was fun, but I missed half of their fall festival due to a vacation. But, I was invited to come back again this year. Since, I am between jobs, I asked to work weekdays instead of just weekends like last year. The first week they were open was slow, but it really picked up on Thursday. I was playing the superhero and had hayrides backed up waiting to be “helped”. I must say that it was more fun being busy.

The other week, I went to Seaside Heights, NJ for Clownfest 2009. I could have saved money by not going, but since I wasn’t missing out on work and had already paid for part of the expenses, it seemed like a good plan. I learned a lot and had fun walking the boardwalk on Saturday and Sunday.

I have also done some work helping friends with their websites and developed some print materials for the Opera Guild of Northern Virginia.

But, now that I have been unemployed for six weeks, I am getting a little concerned about the amount of money I am not earning at work. I have missed three paychecks and the unemployment compensation and part time job just can’t compare to what I had been making. I am lucky that I have some money saved, but will need to get serious about cutting back on expenses and earning extra money if this keeps up much longer.

August 19, 2009

New Stop Lights

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When I first moved into South Riding, we were way out there. I remember telling people to take US-50 west past Rt. 28. Go five miles and take a left at the first stop light. How things have changed.


August 7, 2009

Lots to do…

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On Sunday, I got home after spending a week in Minnesota. I spent two days being a tourist and saw the Mall of America, Minnesota Zoo, and Cascade Bay waterpark. But, the real reason I was in Minnesota was to attend Moose Camp.


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