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June 15, 2011

Library cards

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Last year, I started listening to books on CD in the car during my daily commute to and from work. When I began, I only had books from the Harry Potter and Inheritence Cycle (Eragon) series. I let Amazon suggest a few other books and found a few titles at Borders or the local used book store.

One of the books I picked up, was Magyk by Angie Sage (part of the Septimus Heap series). I enjoyed the book, but when I went to see if I could get the next book in the series, I discovered that new copies were not available from Amazon, or just about any other seller I could find. They had the print copy and an MP3 version, but not the book on Audio CD.

Well, this past weekend, I was at the Burke Center Library and had some time before making balloons for the kids and decided to check out their collection of books. I was surprised to see how many Audio Books they had. I walked up and down the aisle, but really didn’t see anything I liked. I then went over to the kids section, and stumbled upon the Septimus Heap series and discovered they had the books on CD. Now, I don’t actually have a library card. I was tempted to get a card and check out the books, but this library location isn’t exactly close to home. I pass two libraries every day on my way to and from work, so I decided to wait and planned to make a visit to my local library.

I checked online and discovered the Fairfax County Library System has their card catalog online, and they even indicate which libraries have the books and if they are currently available. The library closest to my home has the complete series, but the books are currently checked out. The other library that I pass has the first three books and they are available.

Now, it just so happens that I have been listening to the first book in the series again and I am almost done. It would be perfect timing if I can get the next book in the series now and continue listening to it as soon as I am done with the first book. So, now may finally be the time to get a library card, something I haven’t had since I was in high school.

April 19, 2011

Moe’s and JDRF

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Once again, the Moe’s Southwest Grill locations in Northern Virginia will be supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation by offering a FREE Burrito with the purchase of a drink on Friday, April 29th from 5:00-9:00pm.

Last year, I was contacted by a local resident about doing balloons at Moe’s during the event for JDRF. That night, I did balloons with a friend at the South Riding location while two other friends did balloons at the Westfield’s/Chantilly location. They liked it so much that this year they asked if I could help recruit friends for all of the Northern Virginia locations. Once again, I will be at the South Riding location, and my friends will be working the other locations.

So, if you are hungry for dinner on Friday, April 29th, stop by your local Moe’s location and enjoy a burrito and know that you are supporting JDRF.

March 23, 2011

St Baldrick’s 2011

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It time for St. Baldrick’s once again. Wow, another year gone by. I participated in my first St. Baldrick’s event in March 2004. This will be my 8th year participating in local St. Baldrick’s events. To help kids fighting cancer, I’m a volunteer my services as a balloon twister and face painter at locals St. Baldrick’s events.
St. Baldrick’s Foundation


January 19, 2011


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I used to only grab my camera when I was planning to go somewhere special, like a trip to a festival or parade. But for the past several months, I have had my camera with me almost every day. For some reason, I figured that if I had my camera that I would be inspired to take pictures (and eventually include those pictures on my blog). But the truth is, the more time that has passed, the fewer pictures I am taking.

The one picture I have been taking on a consistent basis is a daily picture of myself. Last year, I saw a few time lapse movies other people had taken of themselves and figured I would do the same. At first, I would take pictures for a few days then miss several days. But, for the past month or two, I think I have at least one picture of myself for every day. I have been tempted to pull the pictures together and see what is involved in getting them into a time lapse movie. I can only assume there will be some work to align all of the images and make sure they are the same relative size.


December 9, 2010

Clowning Around

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When I first started clowning, I must admit that I was partly motivated by the potential to get paid to have fun. I knew that clowns, face painters, and balloon twisters could get paid $100 or more for one hour at a party or event.


August 30, 2010

Maryland Renaissance Festival

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I made a trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival (http://www.rennfest.com/) on Saturday. This was probably my fourth or fifth time going. Earlier in the year, I tried to set aside some time to go to the Virginia Renaissance Festival, but never made it. This was opening weekend, and I figured that if I waited until later in the season, things would come up and I would miss going this year. So, I took advantage of my free weekend and went.


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